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Mark Maslin (Science Mentor)
Professor Mark Maslin is the Director of the UCL Environment Institute at University College London. He is a leading climatologist with particular expertise in past global and regional climatic change. Mark will be helping the pupils with their science projects and will lead a collective project related to recording data about weather and climate.

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  1. Mark Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 21:08:52

    It is fantastic that we are all here…. all suffering from a lack of sleep with only 3 hours last night between arriving and flying out. The students are fantastic, they are bright, funny and so excited about getting on the ship. i was amazed at how easily they mixed with the young people at the Youth Centre at Longyearbyen. It just shows it does not matter where you are from, all that matters it wanting to meet new and exciting people. Tomorrow we are presenting some of our work and ideas at the most ‘northerly school in the world’ and the students at Longyearbyen will be presenting their work. And then the moment we all have been looking forward to getting on the ship and setting sail.
    hope evryone is well
    more tomorrow from the world’s worst table football player, just ask Nonie!

  2. Chrissie Friday 21 Sep, 2007 // 12:50:20

    love the hat Mark!
    hope alls going well, sounds fabulous, if a little chilly. Look forward to a full debrief on your return

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