CarbonZero Donations launched

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We need your help!
The Cape Farewell team are committed to tackling the realities of climate change with a new and innovative agenda. In 2006 our exhibition of climate artworks attracted 279,864 visitors, our film, Art from the Arctic has been shown worldwide with the BBC and is now on Sundance TV, reaching over 12 million viewers to date. Radio broadcasts, the education program, the book (reviewed in Nature) and our award-winning website attest to our success. We work to a tight budget and make sure that every penny our charity receives works very hard.

Climate change will become ever more serious, it is a worldwide issue and it is human activity that is causing this crisis. We are all involved and we all need to become part of the solution, please help us to achieve our objectives and expand the Cape Farewell agenda.

Support our expedition
£10 buys a nautical mile
£20 buys two!
£500 buys an original artwork
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Rated CarbonZero
This funding initiative is zero carbon rated. Donate electronically through the secure PayPal service and we promise not to send you junk mail or gifts. Every donation receives an acknowledgment and thank you from Cape Farewell. Each donation towards the 2007 expeditions will make you a virtual traveller with the Cape Farewell crew.
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