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By Hayley // Wednesday 5 Sep // 12:50:49 // 5 Comments


Kidbrooke High School, South East London, UK

Science Project
Hayley wants to investigate different types of wildlife in Svalbard specifically tufted saxifrage, arctic willow, polar bears, bearded seals and arctic foxes. With the help of the others, she will record the names and numbers of all the animal and plant life they see during the trip 

Art Project
Hayley plans to create a collage/diary of her voyage experiences.

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  1. Dave Monday 10 Sep, 2007 // 12:46:19

    Hi ‘H’
    Missing you already
    We all enjoyed ourselves yesterday
    Have a fab time
    Love you Dad xx

  2. Hayley Tuesday 11 Sep, 2007 // 14:21:02

    hey dad thanks for your comments thanks luv ya xxxxx

  3. Kidbrooke School Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 10:26:22


    we are writing to you from english in Ms veyseys room, taking a look at what you’ve been doing and wanted to say hey.


    Jess: Hope your having fun!
    Nick: Bring me back a polar bear’s heart!
    Faye and Ami: ……………….
    Ms Veysey: Wear sunglasses… gonna be bright.

    Ms veysey is absolutely appauled by the class as they are saying nothing.

    Wishing you all the best,


  4. faye Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 12:43:43

    hi hayley u ok? hope u had a great tym me n ami miss you loads.
    luv faye

  5. Ami Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 12:45:13

    Hey H!! I can’t wait 4 u 2 come back 🙂
    What you been up 2?
    How’s the food? Lol 😛
    You found out nefing in the project fing about animals n plants?
    Lots of love n kisses From Ami xxxxxxx

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