Arctic Q/A Session: Doriana

By Doriana // Tuesday 11 Sep // 10:02:54 // 5 Comments

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Watch the first clip from Doriana at Southbank Centre, London (from Tuesday 11 September), find out how you can follow her during the expedition and read the initial questions posted on the website. (Duration: 45 secs)

Tune in for Doriana’s video diary broadcast

Thurs 20th Sept, 3pm GMT (10am Nunavut)
Thank you for all your questions! Doriana will be posting a simple piece to camera from Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic to let you know how she’s getting on, what she is working on and responding to the questions below. If you are a pupil at Victor Sammurtok School make sure you get a chance to watch Doriana’s broadcast in assembly or class time.
Watch Doriana’s video diary »

Live QA following the broadcast

Thurs 20th Sept, 3.30pm GMT (10.30am Nunavut)
Following the broadcast Doriana will be online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes to hear your responses and to answer any questions.
Join Doriana’s Live QA »

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  1. Lydia Thursday 13 Sep, 2007 // 10:43:14

    Hi Doriana,

    I’m Lydias mom. Looking at your first video, I’m very excitet to see you hunting. Will it be your job to protect the group from attac of polar bears? ^^
    You must be very proud to have met the Canadian Minister for Environment. Will he support you and your buddies with our projects at Cape Farewell? Will Cape Farewell report on your projects later on? Is the climate in Svalbard similar to the climate of your home?

    Have lots of fun and great success with this voyage

  2. Margaret Sammurtok-Wallace Friday 14 Sep, 2007 // 19:12:52

    Hi Doriana, (Babyla)

    We are so excited for you on your voyage.

    I am curious to know if there are any berries like paugat, aapik and plants where you are now. Are the wild flowers and vegetation on the land same as the tundra (for example, the same growth/height/abundance like in Chester area)?

    Take care and have fun.


  3. Margaret (Sammurtok) Wallace Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 17:20:33


    Our Executive Director for the Kivalliq Health and Social Services wants to know if you came across the small island north of Norway. His father came from there and their last name is Hatlevik! I know this is not a question relevant to your voyage, but just curiuos

  4. Karin Kettler Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 18:29:25

    Hi Doriana,
    I found out about your trip through the NIYC site just today. I was wondering what has been your worst and best experience so far? Do you have to a favourite place you’ve been? Anyway, those are my questions for now. Have a safe trip!

  5. Taiviti Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 22:37:31

    Ullukkut Doriana,

    inuktitut syllabics-ni qaritaujara ajurmat mamianaraluaq. my question is: what has been the best or most interesting thing you’ve learned on the expedition so far? and; besides family and friends (or boyfriend) back home, what do you miss the most?


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