Arctic Q/A Session: Liam

By Liam // Tuesday 11 Sep // 10:04:37 // 7 Comments

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Watch the first clip from Liam at Southbank Centre, London (from Tuesday 11 September), find out how you can follow him during the expedition and read the initial questions posted on the website. (Duration: 45 secs)

Tune in for Liam’s video diary broadcast

Thurs 20th Sept, 10am GMT (11am UK)
Thank you for all your questions! Liam will be posting a simple piece to camera from Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic to let you know how he’s getting on, what he is working on and responding to the questions below. If you are a pupil at Riddlesdown High make sure you get a chance to watch Liam’s broadcast in assembly or class time.
Watch Liam’s video diary »

Live QA following the broadcast

Thurs 20th Sept, 10.30am GMT (11.30am UK)
Following the broadcast Liam will be online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes to hear your responses and to answer any questions.
Join Liam’s Live QA »

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  1. Kathy Tuesday 4 Sep, 2007 // 11:38:39

    Hi Liam, I watched your early clip and was wondering if you’d found an Arctic version of your brain coral – an artefact of an ecosystem or object that represents the environmental change?

  2. 10CEA Friday 14 Sep, 2007 // 9:01:47

    Hi Liam! It’s 10CEA and we want to know if its cold? Its the best weather we’ve had all summer here! Natalie’s auntie is having a baby, Joy got a new drum kit, Abbie changed English group, Anay’s shoes are now ok (long story), Miss Allen has a new email oh and we’re going to see the Sound of Music. When are you back? What kind of things have you been up to? Is the food nice? Hope you are getting on with the rest of the group, are they nice? is language a problem?

  3. 10JRC Friday 14 Sep, 2007 // 9:09:40

    Hi Liam, your mates here from 10JRC wish you all the best of luck. Are you eating well? Rebecca wants to know if you have seen any polar bears. Or any penguins. Are the girls hot!!!!! the guys want to know. Becs and sarah want you to bring back a penguin and call it Stevie. G. England won 3-0 but I guess you may know that. Thats all for now. All the best 10JRC. Ps wrap up warm, and wear your mittens from dan.

  4. Clare Hennessy Saturday 15 Sep, 2007 // 16:40:48

    Hey Liam! Hope everything’s going brilliantly! Did you enjoy the flight out? What was it like? I thought i would put in an air cadet related question! Have you met many local people yet? What are they like? What have you been doing and are you having a good time? Have fun and keep warm!

  5. 10CEA Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 8:02:43

    Hey Liam! Have you seen any penguins? Have you got any frostbite? Do the penguins have Happy Feet? You’re missing out on being a celebration evening guide, england lost 36-0 to South Africa in the rugby- shame! Although the football has been going well with England winning 3-0. What has been your favourite part of the trip so far? What was the journey like? Have you been sick yet? Have you actually been on land yet? have you seen any polar bears? where do you sleep? whats the food like? have you been fishing? see you later! Have a nice time! 10CEA

  6. Riddlesdown School Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 8:07:00

    Liam do you sleep in a hammock? Tom, Man Utd lost 4-2 to Everton. Are you really enjoying it? Sam, Have you seen a Polar Bear? (Drinking Coke) – Sundeep, What are you eating? 10JRC. How far away are you? Are you missing school? How much has the ice withdrawn year on year from the place you are staying? Do you need currency? Are there any Huskies? Have you made an igloo?

  7. 7CJG Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 10:00:12

    Here are some questions from 7CJG

    how cold is it?
    have you seen any animals?
    how do you keep warm?
    can you see the ice caps melting?
    are you enjoying it?
    have you see the northern lights?
    what have you been eating?
    where are you staying?
    how long did it take you to get there?
    is it hard work?
    what is a typical day like?
    how much day light is there?
    what did you need to take with you?
    have you made new friends?
    what are you most excited about seeing/doing?
    have you learnt any new languages?
    how do you keep your drinks from freezing?
    have you seen any innuits?
    are there any igloos?
    have you been husky sledging?

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