First Day Of Voyage

By Doriana // Saturday 15 Sep // 22:46:28 // 4 Comments


Finally On The Ship, After A Week Of Preparation. We left Longyearbyen At Around 6:30 Supper Time. Then Me, Hailey And Jozef Also Students, Had The First Shift Of Look-Outs. So As Usual, I Was First To Steer the Ship,, I’m So Proud Of Myself!, And I Was The First To Go up In Front of The Ship Where There is A Net We Can Stand On, But I Had To Use A Safety Rope, So I A Limited Area To Walk On.. I Couldn’t Go Right to The Tip That Was BORING!!!. Our Look-Out Shifts Are 2-3 Hours Long, And We’re In 4 Groups Of 3 People per Group. So Far We Haven’t Seen Anything, but Sure Enough We’ll See Something Tomorrow! I’m Finally Feeling Excited, Just Because I Know That I’ll Be Asking Some Scientist Questions About The Future And I’ll Be Doing My Research! Can’t Wait..

In That Case, I Would Like To Place A Bet On My Own Questions. I Bet The Bug Population Back Home Will Keep Growing More And More, And The Weather Will Keep Getting Hotter, And Our Winters Will Keep Getting Shorter, Until We Have No More Lakes And Everything Burns Down And There Is No More life On Earth…LOL, I’m Exaggerating!.Svalbard Is Almost Exactly Like Home, But Their It A Lot Of Mountains!, There Nice Though, Especially When The Sun Shines On Them, Sooo Sweet!.Oh Yeah, And You Can Also Use The Mountains To Steer The Ship.. Well, You Aim Something Towards A Mountain And Of That Thing Is Moving Out Of Place, You Know The Ship Is Turning Slowly, Simple Eh:D. I Really Can’t Wait Until Tomorrows Adventure, Maybe We’ll See Some Animals. Well, Heading To Bed, Which Is Approx. 6 by 2 ½ Feet And My Room Is 6 by 6 Feet, But The Other Kids Have Smaller Rooms, I Feel So Lucky. All Of The Rooms Have Sinks To Wash Up In The Morning And/Or To Wash Our Hands After Using The Toilet, And The Washroom Is 3 Doors Down From My Room. The Washroom Is Approximately 5 Feet By 3 Feet Or 4 Feet by 3 Feet Or 3 By 4. And In The Washrooms (4 Of Them) There is A Toilet And A Shower And Just A Curtain To Separate Them.. Okay Good Night.

Love All


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  1. donna sammurtok Sunday 16 Sep, 2007 // 17:49:19

    hi bebelaaaaaaaa

  2. Margaret (Sammurtok) Wallace Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 // 1:11:23

    Hi babeela,
    I know you are enjoying your trip and learning so many interesting things.
    My question is: are there any paungat or aapik in the area where you are now?

    Popeye was in England when you landed there and he was sorry that he missed you.

    Gail says “hi” and also from all of us. We can’t wait to hear your interesting stories, next we see you.

    Take care and enjoy your voyage………………..from all of us!

  3. Tracy Wednesday 19 Sep, 2007 // 16:14:34

    Hi B,
    We enjoy reading your observations and following you through your voyage through this web site. You’ll be sad when the expedition is over and it is time to come home; no doubt you’ve made some life long friends though.
    Would you like to see an expedition (such as the one you are on now) that includes travelling to Nunavut? why?
    See you when I see you,

  4. Ana, Glen & Kaya Thursday 20 Sep, 2007 // 5:13:59

    Hey B,
    Looks like you’re meant to be on a boat… expert already! How’s the weather there? Do you feel right at home as far as “cold” goes or is it different?
    We’re looking forward to all your posts… hope your Q & A goes well.
    Kisses from Kaya

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