Short, fat, raindeer

By Doriana // Saturday 15 Sep // 02:45:18 // No Comments

Good Morning, this Morning We Saw A Short, Fat, Raindeer, It Was Only One; I Didn’t Feel Like Shooting It, Because It Looked To Small.

We Just Came From A Long Walk, It Wasn’t Too Bad. We Saw a Old Dead Fox, And A Dead Reindeer, It Looked Young, And We Saw Lots Of Birds Too, But They Were Far. When We Got Back, We Ended Up Seeing A Nanuq, Everybody Went Crazy!, But It Was Really Far And It Seemed Like It Was Following The Way We Walked..

Theres This Guy Who Can Inuktuuq, He Said He Lived in Greenland For Whatever Many Years,, So Now I Don’t Feel So Left Out, Because Before We Got On The Ship Everybody Else Had Someone To Talk To In Their Own Language, But now I’m


I Have A Look Out Shift At 2 In The Morning Till 4, Just A 2 Hour Shift, But, Yay! I get To Stay Up With The People Back Home. Remember I’m, 7 hours A Head.. The Rest Of Today, We Hardly Did Anything, But We Did Put The Sails Up, It Was Fun, And Hard Work, And It Help Us Stay Warm, Duh. The Temp, I Like Plus 1, So It’s Not Cloudy At All.. Most Of The Peeps Say their Dying…lmao, In Plus ONE!. I Don’t Really Know What To Talk About Now.. Good Day Mates.:D

Just Finished My Shift, I Kept Falling Asleep. There Was This Nauyajuaq That Kept Going Around The Ship, It Looked Like It Wanted to Attempt A Landing, but When It Got Close Enough, It Would Just Turn Around And Kept Coming Back, It Even Got Creepy..
Going To Bed. So Long Suckers.


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