Bowsprit Blues

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Hello all,

 Captain Blackeye here, eye is getting much better, going red and yellow!!! Went sailing around Blomstrand islan yesterday and I climebd onto the bowsprit (the long wooden arm at the front of the boat) – had to be hooked onto a harness, it was amazing, especially as we were hitting iceburgs and the boat was being rocked about, it was like surfing on a supersized surfboard. We saw a bearded seal lying on the ice and the captain (Gert pronounced Hert) took us as close as possible, it was great and I took some good photos with my new lens (thanks Mum and Dad!!!!). The guide (who is a total DUDE!!!) went up the mast to the crows nest and took some great photos! I got jealous so I went up to the crows nest this morning, took some good photos, got some good ones taken of me too!!! – whilst we were moored up, far less rocky, Christian (guide) went up whilst we were rocking about in the ice!!! It is really amazing here, everytime you turn around something new is in view, the sun changes the shapes and textures of the ice and mountains, sunrise this morning was absolutely fabulous!

Have set camera up on the dock taking timelapse of the sky and artists Dan Harvey making a sculpture from ice – I started at 7, Dan got up a wee bit later, it’s looking good so far – kids are helping out whilst I am at the Sverdrup institute writing this. Everyone in the Cape Farewell Youth expedition – including the Noorderlicht crew- are fantastic, so inspiring and amazing, I am having such a great time, I really do not wan to leave, it feels like we have been here for ages but also that time has flown by sooooooo quickly! I would love to say I have missed people, but it’s been to eventful and fantastic to have had time!!!

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