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By Franziska // Wednesday 26 Sep // 18:53:37 // 1 Comment

Hey guys!!!

It’is me, Franzi, and just have to say that I miss you all tons. Seeing my family and friends was great and to be home is also very nice. But I feel like I am at the wrong place: All the traffic, the people, the stressed life…we had nothing of this and it was more than good!!!! I enjoyed the “freedom”, as Amélie would say, there so much. Here is everything so different. So loud. So dirty. So stressed. I had a lot of annoying interviews with german tv, everyone had no time. Up in the arctic we all had relaxed AND succesful days, here it seems like I work for nothing… I miss everyone of you, the songs (speccialy “Wonderwall”), Amy Love, Darling, the Crew and the good food. I still have to say that this trip was one of the best experiences in my howle life. I will never forget it. I share my experiences with everyone here but I know that they do not understand it so much like you all do. We have been a great team.

So I think you all have the same feelings, and I hope we all can stay in touch a long time. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and we CAN make a differents. Hope to see you again soon.

A lot of love, xxxxxxx


To Cape Farewell: Where is Ina’s and my last video with our sience and art projects???

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  1. Amy Thursday 27 Sep, 2007 // 15:17:20

    Well said Franzi, Amy Love isn’t the same anymore, non of my friends appriciate it!
    Amy Love

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