The Northern (Street) Lights

By Amy // Wednesday 26 Sep // 17:25:01 // No Comments

It’s great to be home to see the gorgeous shine of the Northern Lights, well the street lights anyway. It’s ace to be home to see all my family and friends but I can’t help but feel empty. There’s no rocking me to sleep, there’s no Amy Love at night, there’s no tiny room to stay. It’s just all gone! The “Hello Darling” and “Dude” jokes don’t make sense, the sound of the glacier crying out, the fact that ice is slippy and photography is dangerous. These things can’t be shared with the guys back home as they could with you lot! It’s just not the same! I now have a different perspective of life than my friends, i’m going to have to share my thoughts and memories with them in detail. It will be all okay, I’ll spread the word because..Together we really can make that difference!
Amy-Love is always in the hearts, Keep smiling!

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