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By Akash // Tuesday 18 Sep // 09:26:47 // View

Howdy Everyone,
Its Akash here up in the Arctic. I thought I would give you an update on what’s going on. Yesterday was so amazing we saw glaciers collapse like five times which was amazing because that just showed us that global warming is happening. Also yesterday it was Suba birthday which was amazing we had so much fun dancing around the ship and watching everyone enjoy the nice cake made by Anna.

So that’s my bit done.
Got to go.

Akash – Best Captain on board


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Sailing to Ny-Alesund

By Joe // Saturday 15 Sep // 19:02:58 // View


Akash takes tips from Gert, the Captain, on how to sail.


Liam and Amelie haul the sails, as the Noorderlicht sails up to Ny-Alesund. 

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Climate change though the eyes of Akash

By Akash // Saturday 15 Sep // 10:30:04 // View


Climate change though the eyes of Akash, onshore at Trygghamna.

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First night in Longyearbyen

By Akash // Thursday 13 Sep // 18:02:36 // View


Akash and the team spent the evening at the youth club in Longyearbyen. 


Amy with a friend from Svalbard at the youth club in Longyearbyen.


Nonie blogs from the youth club in Longyearbyen while Duncan and Joe film.

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BBC London News

By Cape Farewell // Thursday 13 Sep // 13:38:15 // 1 Comment // View

The youth team are featured on BBC London News discussing their projects and expectations for the trip. The feature focuses on Hayley, Akash and Liam as the London residents prepare for the Arctic.

See the video online

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By Akash // Tuesday 11 Sep // 12:05:44 // 3 Comments // View


Howdy everyone,
Its Akash here blogging in Central London. I’ll be going to the Arctic on Wednesay along with the Canadians, Germans and several students from Britain. It will be really exciting and I’m lookig forward to it. I’ll hopefully be making a labyrinth while I’m up in the Arctic along with my other 2 art projects; sound and pictures seen in unusual ways.

Remember to watch my video on Friday 21st September at 11 am UK time and from 11:30 am UK time I’ll be online ready to chat to you.
See you soon and send your messages in.
Akash :):):):)

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Arctic Q/A Session: Akash

By Akash // Monday 10 Sep // 20:10:48 // 1 Comment // View

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Hear about the launch event from Akash at Southbank Centre, London (from Tuesday 11 September) and find out how you can follow him during the expedition.  (Duration: 50 secs)
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Flooding, drowning, help

By Akash // Thursday 6 Sep // 11:40:39 // View

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Hear from Akash and the Cape Farewell crew at Villiers High School, in footage filmed at the workshops earlier this year.
(Duration: 1:02 mins)

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Profile: Akash

By Akash // Saturday 1 Sep // 12:31:24 // 1 Comment // View


Villiers High School in Southall, West London, UK

Science Project
What affects the melting rate of glaciers? Akash wants to know how the air temperature affects the way glaciers melt. He plans to measure the air temperature of a glacier from the top to the bottom.

Art Project
Akash hopes to collect a variety of sounds for his school from the Arctic, including sounds of glaciers, wildlife and wind, which will go towards a piece of sound art.

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