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Latest images from Svalbard

By Cape Farewell // Tuesday 18 Sep // 17:20:11 // 10 Comments // View


Latest images from the Arctic.

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Amy Love!

By Amy // Sunday 16 Sep // 23:15:11 // 4 Comments // View


hey guys, it’s just a quick hello today. yesterday we went around Trygghamna and spotted two reindeers and when back at the ship we saw a polar bear, he was amazing! don’t worry, i’m fine!

miss you guys all so much and i wish you were here with me to see the sun set, to feel the breeze to wake up in the morning to the sound of nothingness, the whole thing is just incredible! i was on night duty last night from 4:00 til 6:00 am, i was in charge of driving the ship, and luckily the ship didn’t sink.
am a great sailor now…haha!

hope you’re all well and if you have any questions please blog me, this place is awesome and i want to share it with you all as much as possible! i will blog more during the week so keep checking!
u8232 amy x

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First night in Longyearbyen

By Akash // Thursday 13 Sep // 18:02:36 // View


Akash and the team spent the evening at the youth club in Longyearbyen. 


Amy with a friend from Svalbard at the youth club in Longyearbyen.


Nonie blogs from the youth club in Longyearbyen while Duncan and Joe film.

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Morning Amy

By Amy // Thursday 13 Sep // 07:00:39 // View

Amy gets up at 5am in Stockholm to catch the flight to Longyearbyen!


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By Amy // Tuesday 11 Sep // 12:23:53 // 2 Comments // View


I’m really enjoying being with all the team, they’re all awseome & we all have a great laugh together. Yesterday was fab, T4 interviewed us & we’re going on T4 on the 4th November at 12 O’clock,really can’t wait…WOOH! It’s going to look really weird watching myself on T4…YEAH! After that the interviews they followed to Pizza Express and filmed Hayley, Akash, Shona, Jethro & Myself talking to Rick, the (HOT) T4 presenter,he’s great fun! It’s really great being here with everyone from Canada & Germany & it seems everyone has a really cool accent, except me. IT’S NOT FAIR! Suba seems to like my acccent and tries to recreate it in her own way, HILARIOUS!

I can’t wait to hear from you all so please blog me & ask me questions.

You can watch my second video by Wednesday 19th September at 11 O’clock.

I will be LIVE on blog at 11.30,straight after my video is posted.

Please blog before that so i can answer to you by video,..Thank you!

Lots of love, Hope to speak to you in Arctic..Amy =]



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Arctic Q/A Session: Amy

By Amy // Tuesday 11 Sep // 10:08:00 // 12 Comments // View

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Watch the latest from Amy at Southbank Centre in London, and find out how you can follow her during the expedition. (Duration: 45 secs)

Send a question to Amy

Deadline: Tues 18th Sept, 5pm GMT (6pm UK) – NOW CLOSED
Everyone is welcome to participate. Enter your question for Amy before 5pm the day before her broadcast, using the comment box at the end of this page. If you are a pupil at Moorhead Sports College your Cape Farewell teacher co-ordinator should be helping to collect your questions and messages.
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Dimming vs Warming

By Amy // Tuesday 4 Sep // 21:03:58 // View

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Discover the questions Amy wants to explore during the expedition and what she hopes to share when she’s back. Plus a cameo clip in the middle.  (Duration: 48 secs)

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Profile: Amy

By Amy // Monday 3 Sep // 12:54:45 // 23 Comments // View


Moorhead Sports College, Accrington, East Lancs, UK

Science Project
Amy wants to know which of the two – global warming; or global dimming – is having the most effect on the Arctic? She will collect data about the amount of pollutants, especially sulphates.

Art Project
Amy wants to create a drama piece on her return. She also plans to keep a diary whilst in the Arctic written from the point of view of a doll, (dressed in Arctic gear), who is effectively being taken for an adventure! 

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