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Top down or bottom up?

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“What worries me about it is the fact that we won’t see it coming until it’s right here and right now… that’s climate change creeping up and us ignoring what’s happening…  until it’s there in our face and we can’t do anything about it.” Meet Nonie and hear from her in footage from the workshops at Canford School earlier this year. (Duration: 1:03 mins)

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Profile: Nonie

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Canford School, Dorset, UK

Science Project
Nonie hopes to answer the question “Is the ice melting from the top or the bottom?” through her research in Svalbard.  She wants to research the effects of the air temperature and sea temperature on ice melting. 

Art Project
Nonie wants to create symbolic representations of what is happening to the earth as a result of global climate change.

We would like to send a big thank you to Greenstone Carbon Management for sponsoring Nonie on the expedition.
Greenstone Carbon Management

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